Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox


Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt—this is the storm within which we must lead.
There is no safe harbour. No stability, certainty, simplicity, nor clarity to cling to. And this storm shan’t blow over—it’s here to stay. The tall will topple, the slow will sunder, and the heavy will sink.

To survive, we need to adapt.
But to thrive, we need to pioneer
—deeper, into the storm.

We are incredibly excited to welcome Dr Jason Fox to conference in Sydney to captivate our minds and to evoke quality thinking, better conversations and braver, wiser decisions. Dr Jason Fox was the 2016 Keynote Speaker of the Year and is certainly one of the most engaging and thought provoking minds of our time. Jason will challenge you, inspire you and make you look beyond the surface to become the leader you need to be in order to thrive in what is the most challenging times we’ve faced in the industry.

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Dr Jason Fox – Keynote Speaker

Hyatt Regency, Sydney